Monday, August 9, 2010

In and Out

So this is my collective ins and outs for the summer. I love these posts on other blogs so I might as well kick start my postings with one of these:


- Green Tea. Nothing like a cup of green tea in the morning to get my energy levels up without that jittery feeling. Plus the antioxidants in green tea are great for your health and skin, opposed to other caffeinated beverages which make me break out. I'm addicted to Tazo Green Ginger. Mmm..

- MAC.  I don't know why I've always had a MAC complex that if I used their stuff I'd be one of "those girls". What does that even mean? Like I associated MAC with typical, superficial makeup fiends. I'm glad I got over it. Come on lady, step your game up!

- OPI I Think In Pink. This has been my go to color lately. I love how it is a soft yet vibrant pastel pink.. it's just sooo pretty! The only downside is that it takes three coats to get that perfect opaque color, but my manicure will last all week!

      Without Flash

        With Flash

- Foundation. I stopped wearing foundation for a couple years because I was too lazy and I figured I didn't need it since my skin fine without it. But I'm back on mixing liquid foundation into my moisturizer to even my skin tone and keep the rest of my makeup lasting longer. It makes such a difference in pictures too!


- Cheap Costume Jewelry. I am so sick of buying jewelry from clothing stores like Guess or Forever21 and having it tarnish or fall apart after a couple wears. Maybe I just sweat a lot, or the material is just not compatible with my skin oils, but all my cheap (but cute) jewelry ends up smelling like funky metal and fades in color after a short period of time.

- Clinique Bonus Makeup. I have accumulated so many samples throughout highschool that eventually my whole makeup collection looked like a sea of mint green. Four years later I decided to step my game up lol.

- Brittle, flimsy nails. After I stopped working in a restaurant I was determined to revive the durability and length of my nails. Using a nail strengthener as a base coat has really helped a lot!

- Heavy Drinking. This summer I have dramatically reduced my consumption of alcohol when I go out. I know it sounds obvious, but my skin is a lot more glowy and less sensitive. I'm liking how now I take cuter pictures, actually do things the next day, and don't have that pit in my stomach of regret and embarrassment from my night lol.  I've pretty much replaced highballs with lipgloss, either way I'm perma-broke:( ya that pretty much sums up the major changes in my beauty regime since summer break.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Steppin' My Game UP!

So I decided to create a blog about makeup and hair care and beauty and all the good stuff.... Maybe it's the combination of watching keeping up with the kardashians, youtube gurus and having way too much time on my hands but I have officially turned beauty obsessed! Well it started off as a much needed makeup renovation after 4 grueling years of university, but I think it just sparked the inner product junkie in me! I figured I might as well jump on the blogging bandwagon too and occupy my time for the rest of this month before I start working and school again in the here I am :D