Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First day of Bikram Yoga!

So today was my first day of getting back into shape, and I've decided to make hot yoga my primary means of fitness. I have done Moksha before, a whole week of it, and never had the reaction that I had today. Maybe it's because I have much longer hours out of the house, being in school and working is draining on the body. Maybe Bikram is just way more ass kicking than Moksha...but within 20 minutes I felt so nauseous and lightheaded I had to step outside (which I know is a major no no)! A lovely woman in the change room gave me words of wisdom to not give up and keep pushing myself because after I left I definitely didn't want to go back in! She said that she was very overweight before she started doing yoga and when she first started she could never finish a session. But she kept challenging herself and has lost 60 lbs. She said to get lots of vitamins and if you start young you will be very healthy and energetic! So I went back inside and finished the grueling class. I'm actually very excited to go back tomorrow, considering how out of shape I am, I'll probably see mad results in a month. So I see if yoga is all hype or actually has great benefits. I'm thinking the latter! If I keep going after a month I'll at least treat myself to new yoga gear. I think I was the most raggedy looking girl there. Definitely the most out of shape . Oh well practice makes perfect right?

At least my nails were stylin' for yoga. Ever since I started working again I've been slacking on my nails.  So I'm happy I painted them last night! I love taupe these days, I guess it's trendy this season too. This is OPI's  Over the Taupe.

opi over the taupe nail polish

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Lush Haul

I always used to walk by Lush and think who would ever shop at that weird, overly fragranced, overly priced soap store. What a headache and noseache! But I finally went inside to check the hype. I bought a few things after trying the testers...over and over and over!

Here are my thoughts:

+Hair Doctor- I split one pot into 2 hair treatments. And I must say that I LOVED the results. I've tried out many hair treatments and this is the first one that had a plaster/mud like consistency. At first it seems like it will dry out your hair, especially since clay masks for your face tend to appeal to oily skin,  it's intuitive that a clay-like hair mask will have the same drying effect. But after I washed out my hair my scalp never felt cleaner and moisturized, and my hair was the silkiest it's ever been! It's so amazing for getting rid of buildup at the roots, and hydrating the ends. I think this will be my new holy grail hair mask! I want to do this twice a month (purchase once ) just as a treat! 

+Dream Cream- Another holy grail product. I have also tested out many many many hand creams that are moisturizing and healing for my dry cracked eczema prone skin. Most creams tend to make my eczema flare up and obviously that's no good. I consider a hand cream good if it doesn't promote redness/flareups and combats dryness. Dream cream does all that and more! I think it must be the soothing oatmeal that not only hydrates my skin, but acts as a healing agent. I used this once and by the next day my eczema was hardly noticable! It is so rare to find a hand cream that calms skin, not simply moisturizes it. I think I can put away my hydrocortisone and stick to all natural with this product. I am sooo pleased!

+ Creme Anglaise- This is my least favorite of all my lush products. I did not like it at all. It smelled weird, and it irritated my skin. I used it on my legs... enough said.

+Karma Kream- I like this cream better than Creme Anglaise, but not enough to repurchase. It's a little overly fragranced. I feel like my skin has a mild reaction to it. Hmm ya it's alright if I don't have any other moisturizer around me and I'm desperate. 

+ Tea Tree Water- I just got this toner so I'm still testing it out, but so far I really like it. Lately I've been addicted to anything you can spray because I find the mist very refreshing and light. This is a great facial pickmeup for when you're pulling 12-16 hour days and you need to keep your face from falling off LOL. It is hard to review this product when I have never used any other misting toners before. But I really like how I feel after I use this, and I like to believe it's doing good things for my skin. I've been pulling long ass days seven days a week and I'm not breaking out so I must be doing something right! I could probably give this toner partial credit to my skin success!

Overall I'm so glad I got on the Lush bandwagon and I can't wait to try out more products. I loveee how most the ingredients are all natural and there are minimal preservatives. I want to get another toner spray, and try out some conditioners. I also bought a couple bath bombs but didn't get around to trying them because they are at a friends place. Hmmm