Friday, May 13, 2011

Hair Diaries: 10 Hair Tips for coarse dry hair

These are just some little pointers I've found really helpful for my hair type. They are pretty basic low maintenance tips that don't take much time out of my day which is nice because who wants to be a slave to their hair :P.....But I already am. 

Ok let's get that coveted Kardashian hair! 
1.  Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb out your hair after you use conditioner in the shower. It properly distributes the conditioner throughout each strand and makes detangling a lot easier. I find my hair is a lot smoother when I remember to do this. 

2. Make shampoo/conditioner the first step when you get in the shower. That way you can let your conditioner sit in your hair for the maximum time , then rinse your hair after you cleanse your body/shave and whatever. 

3.  Try and invest in all natural conditioners and shampoos, or at least higher end products like Kiehls or Aveda. I may be biased with this one because I tend to be a bit of a drugstore snob, but whenever I use drugstore shampoos and especially conditioners my hair definitely has massive buildup and I have to shampoo every day! When I use better quality products my hair stays fresher longer. 

4. Do a scalp mask once a month or so. This tip I get really lazy with but I also feel like it is one of the most important ones. Your scalp is the foundation for your hair so it's only natural that a congested, oily or dry scalp will yield damaged hair growth. I like to treat my scalp to Lush's Hair Doctor. It is amazing. 

5. Don't forget your hair needs weekly deep conditioning treatments too, especially if it is dry like mine! I just wrap my hair in a deep conditioner while I work out to let it sit for a couple hours instead of doing overnight treatments. It just is way more convenient since you will have to shower after a workout anyways. Overnight treatments get messy.

6. If you know you're not going to heat style your hair don't be afraid to put oil on your ends. They'll get that extra hydration overnight and throughout the day. I like coconut and olive oil. Olive oil is slightly stickier so you can be sparing.

7. Always use a heat protectant whenever you heat style your hair. Not sure if these products actually work but I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

8. This may be a no brainer, but don't EVER apply products containing oil then heat style your hair. It basically deep fries those strands. I used to make this mistake because I obviously wasn't thinking, and I wound up with 5 way split ends! It is best not to use any products in your hair besides a heat protectant if you plan on using hot tools. 

9. Try to tie your hair in a loose bun vs a tight ponytail, it is just less strain on your hair, and you'll still maintain a style if you let it down. 

10. Let your hair get greasy! Slick it back with some pomade and show off the face you were born with. The longer you can go without shampooing the better! 

ok these are my tips...... how do you keep your hair in shape?


  1. Nice tips :) Since you asked, what I do is use sulfate free shampoo and an argan oil leave in after a shower. I actually buy all my stuff from this brand called pro naturals which is brilliant, btw. Their argan oil leave in is a heat protectant and I know you said no oils but this one actually is a protectant, lol