Sunday, May 1, 2011

In and Out: May 1st 2011

+ Coming home to a glass (or bottle) of wine  or a homemade caesar and watching YT on a Saturday night. Pretty much like right now. I know I'm an alcoholic, at least now I'm on a budget. 

+ Warm weather! I've been going for jogs every day this week and I feel amazing!

+ MAC msf natural in medium plus. I have been using this over a primer instead of my usual liquid foundation and I've noticed that I don't get those little breakouts after the end of the day. My face is happy. 

+ My new Holy Grail method of doing my nails. LEGIT. A manicure will last 5 working days with hardly a chip. And I'm a server, so that speaks a lot! I can actually do my nails on days I'm working which is so life changing it's amazing. 

- spending all my savings on makeup and clothes:( I'm broke.
- eczema/ irritated skin. I'm breaking out so badly it is brutal. 
- spending all my spare time watching YT vids... I know I wrote that as an 'in'...let's just say it's a guilty pleasure.


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  1. Hahahaha a glass (or a bottle)of wine, I say the same thing every time :)