Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Hits & Misses

I've been trying out some new stuff lately.... here are my thoughts:


CHI Keratin Mist-
I love anything that you spray, it's just a fun action, and it feels refreshing. This is supposed to be a strengthening treatment for your hair. I think the keratin must be functioning to some degree because my individual hair strands are getting much healthier. It feels less coarse and dry at the ends. Overall I have a softer texture and I like that because it is a mist there is less buildup and weight to my hair. It stays bouncy. However I would wear this in my hair for the smell alone because it smells a clean man haha!

Origins Charcoal Mask-
I also have a St. Ives mask and I definitely like this one better. I've been curious to test the Origins range and I'm happy to say I'm enjoying this mask a lot. It is not harsh or drying, my skin just feels deep cleaned and detoxed, exactly what this mask claims to do. It is great for sensitive and combination skin, well it works for me anyway. I'm sure I could find a more reasonably priced mask (at 25 some dollars it is a bit of a splurge ... for clay) but oh well ....

Essie Nail Polish-
 I don't know why but I've always just stuck to OPI, but for some reason I strayed away and got 4 Essie shades that I absolutely love! The Braziliant collection has a gorgeous color range, I picked up Braziliant, a coral/orange with a pretty sheen to it, and Absolutely Shore, which I wore in my previous post. It is an off white/minty color. I also have a turquoise shade and pinky white from the permanent collection. 


L'oreal Telescopic mascara-
First of all the wand is absolute scrap. It is made of rubber with very short bristles. I think it was designed   to get mascara very close to the lash roots, and it is very good for that. However it is so thin that I end up getting mascara all over my inner eye area. Not a good look. Also the formulation is very clumpy in the sense that my lashes group together....I'll have 5 lashes after a couple coats. Usually with sub-par products I will use them up anyway so I'm not wasting, but I think this mascara is going straight to the trash...

What are your hits and misses with products lately?

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  1. I LOVE Essie, and OMG that mask looks really amazing.