Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first Trip to Oahu....things I did on the island!

For my graduation present my mom & my aunt took me to Hawaii. It was such an amazing trip... aside from the mother daughter bickering of course. Funny how my mom told me we were going to Maui... we have great communication :) The first half we stayed with family in Pearl City. It was cool to see how all the locals live. Definitely a much different experience than staying at a hotel in Honolulu with every other tourist.

On our first day we went to the Dole Plantation. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a must go to activity for people in their young 20's, but more for families with young kids or picture crazy moms (like mine). There is a garden full of exotic plants and trees for photographing, an express train which tours the 'dole plantation' ( more like a replica of the actual plantation), and a huge souvenir shop including a food court area where everyone buys dole pineapple gelato! So yumm...But it melts fast.

Boarding Pineapple Express!

You'll see lots of Pineapple trees on the Pineapple Express...

Hangin... in the Dole Garden Maze...

After a long day at the Plantation we went to a dinner party to visit old family friends. I look like a scrub because my airline lost my luggage! Funny how a filipino party is always the same no matter where you are in the world. Always a buffet of meat. Soo gooddd...

Kahuku Point...

We also rented a car and spent a day driving around the north end of the island. You get to see all the other beaches that aren't as cluttered with tourists.

There's an area where you can look for turtles...called Turtle Cove. And we got infamous shaved ice in Haleiwa. We drove around to other beaches and ate lunch and swam at some random beach. Stopped to take pictures at Kahuku Point, which has a gorgeous view!

Me holding a coconut by some random man at Kahuku Point.

For dinner we went to Paradise Cove for a luau. Hawaii has really mastered the art of tourism because this luau was exactly how you would imagine it on tv. Food wasn't very good, but after a couple coronas who cares :D

My cousin used to play football with one of the male hula dancers so somehow I ended up on stage. I got a certificate of achievement though! Definitely the most embarrassing moment of the day.

Me very happy to be posing with my dancer partner ha! 

We spent the last 3 nights in Honolulu. I would recommend finding a hotel that is right by the beach because it is so much more convenient. You can tan for an hour, then go for breakfast. Or say you forgot something, you're back at your room in a minute! Going to the beach doesn't have to be a day trip if you are right there. 

Waikiki beach was a 20 minute walk from our hotel so we walked along the Kalakaua strip. There is a lot of great shopping on this street as well as the International Market for people that are interested. I did all my shopping at Ala Moana mall because of the Victoria Secret there <3

A day at Waikiki beach....

First steps in the water. So amazing!

On our way home some hustler with parakeets suckered us into taking pictures with them. Lol! It was cool, there was a circle of people watching me posing with birds on my head. Slightly embarrassing though.

All in all it was a very well rounded trip. We toured the whole island, hit up some major tourist attractions, did some shopping and walking around Honolulu. I went off with my cousin at night and checked out the night life in Honolulu, which was so amazing too! 

I can't wait to go back, I'm already thinking August.....hmmm??



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