Thursday, June 23, 2011

Naturally lighten your hair with Chamomile, Honey & Lemon...

I've been wanting to lighten my hair for a long time now (it is naturally dark brown). However.....dye boxes irritate my scalp, and I just don't feel like shelling out bills to get it done at the salon. 

I bought some Herbatint herbal hair color in the shade 7D Golden Blonde... But... I'm not too keen on using this anymore after I read some mixed reviews on how it dries your hair out. Yeah, I think I'll wait on that. 

Still determined, I figured I might as well try this the ALL natural way, instead of some herbal dye box that I'm too sketched out to use. So I went off to Safeway and got these ingredients for my homemade hair lightening concoction!

Lemon- the lemon acidity will lighten the hair pigment, but be careful because acid is extremely drying.

Chamomile- is a natural stain that lightens and brightens hair. 

Honey- contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide which is known to have bleaching properties.

Now this was my first trial, so without thinking I steeped a shot glass worth of chamomile, mixed it with the juice of a lemon wedge....and attempted to use deep conditioner as a thickener. What a FAIL. The lemon caused the conditioner to congeal. What was I thinking? I added some coconut oil to protect my hair from the lemon. But yeah that didn't help with the coagulation. I ended up very slowly massaging the mixture into my hair because it was half liquid half cottage cheesy solid! 

Even though this first time experiment with natural hair dying was a messy fail I am definitely interested in developing a more efficient, tidy method. We'll see how my hair is doing after a month!

But for now, I guess I'll have to survive with my dark hair the way it is :D



  1. sorry to hear it didnt work out for you~~~but i havent tried the Nars Sheer Glow, but i have heard good things about it~~~i suggest you read the blog post or watch youtube video to do a bit more reasearch b4 you buy it~~~


  2. thank you soo much for the comment =]..

    awww it didnt work out??? i want really excited to finish reading ur post to find out that it worked!! =[ but its ok.. maybe theres more options out there.. it would be great if u find out another way because im sure lots of people would love to go all nautrale with hair dyes specially since they would wanna avoid the stinkiness from the ammonia ><

    btw following =]

  3. Haha well if you are using honey and chamomile to lighten your hair it is unreasonable to expect instant results. It is supposed to lighten slowly after multiple treatments. The fail happened because I stupidly mixed conditioner with lemon juice so the mixture totally separated LOL

    But yeah I definitely will be continuing the all natural hair lightening experiment :D

  4. Omg this sounds great! Definitely would like to try -- it seems really safe :) Please follow up with another blog when you do start seeing results :) I'm your new follower <3

  5. i have a blonde panel in my hair, i'm naturally dark brown. I only had to bleach it once to get it light but I have issues with keeping it really light as it seems to go more of a honey colour after a few washes. i think i'll try lemon juice to lighten it a touch rather than re bleach as i'm so paranoid of making my hair dry! :(

    now a follower of your blog :)

  6. it's been a month now... did it work?

  7. This takes some time and you need to do it over and over again combining it with letting your hair dry in the sun though I would not use lemon. I used to do it with chamomile in my pre-teen era :)
    Beer works as well, soak your hair and sunbathe. Just make sure there are no pets/bugs around because you will become an open bar :D

  8. Cinnamon works as well; I'm lightening my black hair with a mix of 1 cup conditioner and two tbsp cinnamon and again, it's a slow process because the amount of peroxide in cinnamon is low. You can add honey in there too, but it's messier. The conditioner/cinnamon mix wasn't too messy; I slathered my hair up, put a plastic bag over my head and slept with it in overnight and outside of a bit of itchiness on my scalp from the exposure to the cinnamon for so long, my hair definitely has a lighter, redder sheen the next day. I'm going to have to do this multiple times to see any really big results, but my hair smells and feels so good that that's not a problem ;) Try taking out the lemon juice (it doesn't do anything for your hair unless it's already light) and adding cinnamon in instead.

  9. Have you tried a spray bottle for application?

  10. I do honey and conditioner to lightn