Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edit! Nars Laguna vs Casino Swatch Comparison

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison

Laguna   |  Casino/Sin Duo

So when I got back from Hawaii I must have been delusional or jetlagged or crazy or something. 

If anyone is interested in a good laugh check out my original post comparing the two Nars bronzers. I was convinced that Casino was the lighter of the two. I probably swatched them backwards. 


 I reswatched both bronzers and everything seems normal and on par with other swatches on the internet. 

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison swatch

Laguna  |  Casino

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison swatch

Laguna :  Matte with subtle sheen. A true brown color with gold undertones. 

Casino : More suitable for medium/olive skin tones, it is a slightly deeper more bronzed color.

In the summer laguna is barely visible on my skin. So I'm definitely using casino more. I hope that was helpful for some one! 


  1. For some odd reason I haven't used my Casino yet.

  2. I really want to try Laguna, your swatch of it looks Sooo pretty<3 I am loving your blog, by the way!:-)

  3. My BFF is the hottest blogging bitch on the internets!!!! LEGITTTT

  4. Omg.. Everytime I come to ur blog I'm always like"She's sooo prettttty!!!!!".... Lol don't be scared I have a bf Already :P

    Alright... All kidding aside, I loveeeeee How laguna looks in ur swatches!! I always tho they were pure matte like no sheen at all but still loving it :).. No money to but it so I'll stick to ELF lol

    N yes I've heard of Korean BBQ.. I lovekorean food but not Korean BBQ cuz we get too much meat n zero veggies lol unless u go to chako, they have veggies and sushi along with the normal BBQ :) so yummy s2


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  6. im a new reader and have been catching up on all ive missed.. i got to say...not only are your posts creative & informative...but you are hilarious!!! you are now on my 'daily reads' list..

    p.s.....are your posts or you on facebook?

  7. Aw thank you for the wonderful comments Dena!

    ..and no my posts are not on facebook I don't even know how I would do that :P