Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nars Casino & Sin Duo.... and which Nars bronzer is actually darker?

nars casino sin duo

I have been wanting this duo for a while so I finally got it at Sephora while I was in Hawaii...

I would describe Sin as a soft, dusty rose berry color with flecks of gold shimmer. So pretty. Casino is basically a matte gold toned bronzer. 


I heard everywhere that Casino is the darker bronzer compared to Laguna. It is apparently super pigmented, where you only need a couple swipes for application. It is said to be the preferred bronzer for darker skin tones. But that is definitely not what I found to be the case.

Look at Casino swatched next to Laguna:

nars laguna casino sin duo swatch

Sin  |  Casino  |  Laguna

No. that is not a mistake. Laguna appears darker than Casino. Maybe it's because I have had Laguna for a while, and somehow it darkens in color as it ages? Or maybe the Nars manufacturers made a mistake with my compact? I am so confused. And I didn't really notice that Casino was much more pimented. I use both bronzers with the same amount of application.

Either way, you can tell that Casino is more golden and Laguna is more bronze. Personally I do like Casino a bit more because it has a softer finish. It really warms up my skin. Laguna is fine too though.

Here I am wearing Sin & Casino...

Yeah, so no big deal. I'm not planning on exchanging the duo or anything. I just thought that it was very strange that the bronzers didn't meet the claims at all! Did anyone else see this problem?

Oh yeah... I love my new cardigan. I get compliments whenever I wear it! And it's so soft too :D 

that is all for now...



  1. I've been curious about Casino as well. Laguna doesn't show well on me--or maybe I am just using the wrong brush, but it looks fantastic on you. I'm pretty glad I picked up the duo before my spending ban, just gotta wait for it to arrive in the mail. =(

  2. I agree with JC, the colors do look fantastic on you :)

  3. Girllll where is your cardigan from?! Where you get thaaat?

  4. Great colors, you look so lovely :)

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  5. I thought the same thing when I saw the two in store today - how weird!