Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bomb Ass Nails

water marble nail polish chanel peridot opi alpine snow

This is my first attempt at water marbling.

This manicure surprisingly lasts longer than the average. I made it a full week without a single chip! It better last with all the time and effort it takes:P

You like?

water marble nail polish chanel opi


  1. This is a really crazy manicure. I tried it myself once and I know it's not easy (well, for me it wasn't) so good job on getting such a nice result.

  2. Looks amaizing! Got to show us a tutorial hun! xxx

  3. i really like it!! what colors did you use?
    thanks, dena :0

  4. Oh yeah I forgot to specify, that I used OPI Alpine Snow and Black Onyx (basically any black and white). Then I used a drop of Chanel Peridot in the bullseye.

  5. thanks for answering!! are you on facebook?

  6. Great Job especially for a first attempt!! :o)

  7. Definitely need a tutorial please! This looks awesome...