Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ins and Outs: September edition

Haven't posted one of these in a while and they are my favorite to read on other blogs.

Anyway here it goes:

+ Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer. I've been addicted to this stuff since the beginning of summer. I drink a glass full every morning before I leave for work and it really increases your energy and mental focus. I've tried the regular Vega stuff and it tastes like asshole ...boo. Only downside that a tub is just over 50$ and only lasts you a month.

+ Non Traditional French Manicures. I've posted here about a glitter manicure I did and loved. I've also been rocking black tip frenchies lately too. I just think it's a classy and edgy twist to the classic french tip.

+ My Makeup Stash. I think I'm hitting a plateau or something because I haven't been craving any new products lately. I've been quite content rotating through the makeup I own. Wow isn't that a rare feeling to experience?! Great for my wallet though.

+ Trashy shows about rich people. i.e. Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of New Jersey, & Keeping with the Kardashians. Glamour and scandal to the excess is what gets my blood pumping. I'm probably the only person to watch the premiere of Gossip Girl last night ha.

- Hair cuts. I desperately need one but I'm way too lazy to make an appointment.

- September rain. It's been raining cats and dogs in Vancouver. What else is new. But I'm finally thinking about getting rain boots even though it's a dreadful thought. I just think they are so ugly and childish. And who wants to be caught walking around in rain boots all day if the rain stops after a couple hours?

- My beauty set up area. It's so not functional right now. I've been thinking about investing in a vanity. But I have to find one I really love.

Ok that's it for now.....

Thanks for reading!

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