Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Quick Drugstore Haul


So I ran to my local Shoppers Drug to pick up some stuff I figured I might as well share what I got!

1. Extractor .... I lost the one I got in Korea, which is super cheap over there by the way. I can't live without this thing so I'm happy it was on sale :D

2. Polysporin.... the go to product for when you can't find your extractor and end up picking your face apart. yikes!

3. ROC Multicorrexion Anti age moisturizer ... I'm most excited to test drive this new cream especially because I have never dabbled in retinol products before. I've read some mixed reviews about it so we'll see how my skin reacts.

Anyway, I'm having a bad skin week and it's pissing me off ...Argghhh oh well :(

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edit! Nars Laguna vs Casino Swatch Comparison

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison

Laguna   |  Casino/Sin Duo

So when I got back from Hawaii I must have been delusional or jetlagged or crazy or something. 

If anyone is interested in a good laugh check out my original post comparing the two Nars bronzers. I was convinced that Casino was the lighter of the two. I probably swatched them backwards. 


 I reswatched both bronzers and everything seems normal and on par with other swatches on the internet. 

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison swatch

Laguna  |  Casino

 nars vs laguna casino sin duo comparison swatch

Laguna :  Matte with subtle sheen. A true brown color with gold undertones. 

Casino : More suitable for medium/olive skin tones, it is a slightly deeper more bronzed color.

In the summer laguna is barely visible on my skin. So I'm definitely using casino more. I hope that was helpful for some one! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

 body shop vitamin e moisture cream review

I decided to give this moisturizer a try because it was on sale in December and I was curious to test some Body Shop products. I'm finally reaching the last bits of this product 6 months later, mind you I haven't been using this religiously everyday. I would estimate you get about 4 months worth of usage. Not bad.

Overall I wasn't disappointed by this very basic moisturizer. But I wasn't impressed either.

On the positive side it didn't break me out at all, and throughout the winter my dry skin patches totally cleared up. It has a mild, tolerable scent to it which I like because my skin is very sensitive too. I prefer to have fragrance on my inner wrists not my face thanks.

body shop vitamin e moisture cream review swatch
swatch of  the vitamin e cream

However, this moisturizer left a slight film on my skin, which I noticed more if I rinsed my face later on. Therefore not so great as a daytime cream, unless you want to look shiny after a couple hours. I was also hoping that it would contain more healing properties for my skin. Especially since it contains vitamin E. But if my skin was tired or red, it unfortunately stayed that way.

Yeah I still used this cream as my night cream because I didn't want to waste it. But I definitely wouldn't repurchase again. There are so many other products out there that offer more for your skin than just the basics of moisturizing.

body shop vitamin e moisture cream review
Down to the bottom of the barrel...


Makeup Using Semi Precious Goldstone

MAC Semi Precious goldstone msf

I was anticipating the mineralized skin finishes more than anything else from the MAC Semi Precious Collection... especially since I have never owned an msf before! 

I really love it a lot...

But I do find that the shimmer increases the appearance of my pores which isn't all that attractive. So I'll probably use this product more at night... or on good skin days :D 

Anyway, here's my face.

MAC Semi Precious goldstone msf makeup look

today I'm workin a sultry bronzed look. this msf really amps up your skin if you have a bit of a tan. Keep the eyes neutral and focus on the cheeks and complexion. I finished my lips with an easy pink lip tint by Korres. 

I'm also wearing :

Korres ginger & Vitamins Foundation
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Pressed powder
 NARS Casino Bronzer
 MAC  Blush in Peaches
Urban Decay naked palette
 L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

 MAC Semi Precious goldstone msf makeup look

that's allll for now...

Monday, July 11, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Collection Mini Haul

 MAC Semi Precious haul goldstone msf smoked ruby eye shadow

Smoked Ruby e/s |   Semi Precious goldsone msf

I only got 2 things but I also really wanted the golden gaze e/s. I'm on a budget for summer though so I refrained.

Smoked Ruby is a shimmery, buttery mineralized eye shadow with deep red and black veining. I like to apply it with a wet brush to intensify the color payoff. And I wear this shadow alone for a quick sexy smokey eye. It's so effortless!

Semi Precious goldstone is a two toned mineralized skin finish. the center is a pinky peach with gold shimmer. And the outer ring is a bronze gold shimmer. Honestly I feel uncomfortable wearing shimmery bronzer for the day time. You look like a disco ball! But it's absolutely gorgeous for a night look..... but this is my first msf so I'm very excited none the less.


 MAC Semi Precious haul goldstone msf smoked ruby eye shadow swatch

Smoked Ruby e/s    |   Semi Precious goldsone msf center   |    outer ring

 MAC Semi Precious haul goldstone msf smoked ruby eye shadow swatch

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nars Casino & Sin Duo.... and which Nars bronzer is actually darker?

nars casino sin duo

I have been wanting this duo for a while so I finally got it at Sephora while I was in Hawaii...

I would describe Sin as a soft, dusty rose berry color with flecks of gold shimmer. So pretty. Casino is basically a matte gold toned bronzer. 


I heard everywhere that Casino is the darker bronzer compared to Laguna. It is apparently super pigmented, where you only need a couple swipes for application. It is said to be the preferred bronzer for darker skin tones. But that is definitely not what I found to be the case.

Look at Casino swatched next to Laguna:

nars laguna casino sin duo swatch

Sin  |  Casino  |  Laguna

No. that is not a mistake. Laguna appears darker than Casino. Maybe it's because I have had Laguna for a while, and somehow it darkens in color as it ages? Or maybe the Nars manufacturers made a mistake with my compact? I am so confused. And I didn't really notice that Casino was much more pimented. I use both bronzers with the same amount of application.

Either way, you can tell that Casino is more golden and Laguna is more bronze. Personally I do like Casino a bit more because it has a softer finish. It really warms up my skin. Laguna is fine too though.

Here I am wearing Sin & Casino...

Yeah, so no big deal. I'm not planning on exchanging the duo or anything. I just thought that it was very strange that the bronzers didn't meet the claims at all! Did anyone else see this problem?

Oh yeah... I love my new cardigan. I get compliments whenever I wear it! And it's so soft too :D 

that is all for now...