Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to: style wavy hair without heat, using a curling spray...

tutorial how to wavy hair no heat curl spray beachy style

Yeah so I wish my hair was effortlessly pretty and wavy like above. Unfortunately I wake up most days with a frizzy animal on my head.

Cue pictures.

...excuse my grumpy face 

Anyway, I thought I'd share this little tutorial of how I transform my untamed mop of hair into a cute, beachy, more manageable style. It's super easy, doesn't involve heat and takes about 5 minutes to do!

All you need is a curling spray and bobby pins. I use the John Frieda Dream Curls Spray...super cheap from the drug store.

tutorial how to wavy hair no heat curl spray beachy style

Basically all you do mist all your hair with the spray. I use maybe 15 squirts.

Next, twist sections of hair into dread lock strands, then twist each strand into a spiral on your head and secure it with a bobby pin or clip or whatever you have. 

Do your whole head and it should look like this:

tutorial how to wavy hair no heat curl spray beachy style

 I call this my Scary Spice hair. 

tutorial how to wavy hair no heat curl spray beachy style

A couple tips: 

Secure each hair spiral with clips facing downward, because it's more likely to stay in place. Or else use more than 1 clip so that your hair doesn't fall out .

Also, the neater you are with your spirals the neater your hair will come out. and the smaller sections of hair you take the curlier your hair will be...obviously. Just for a reference I wasn't very neat and I took fairly large sections.

If you are lazy like me to twist up your whole head,  just do the face framing hair pieces, then with the back of your hair twist it all up in a bun like this :

Ok now let your hair sit for 10 minutes. Do your makeup ... or eat some food or listen to some jams...whatever, occupy yourself for 10 mins lol.

When you take your hair out it should look like this:

Finger comb your hair out, add a serum if you like voila :D

tutorial how to wavy hair no heat curl spray beachy style

Super easy ! try it out and let me know if it works for you..


Friday, August 5, 2011

How to: Remove Sparkle Nail Polish (aluminum foil method) really works!

Sooooo I've been obsessed with sparkle nail polish!!  Especially OPI's Sparkle icious...

Sparkles are so fun and pretty on your nails...

Except they are a biaatch to remove. We've probably all been there scrubbing at our nails with a mountain of cotton pads building up. Well I randomly came across a couple blogs that show you a fret free method of  taking off the thick coats of sparkly stuff on your nails.

It seemed too good to be true so I wanted to test it for myself....

So onto the tutorial ... these hideously chipped nails are ready for a fresh manicure!

What you'll need:

+ 3 cotton pads
+ scissors
+ strip of aluminum foil
+ nail polish remover

So what you do to prep is cut your strip of foil into ten rectangles. 

Now cut your cotton pads into quarters...I had a picture but I some how deleted it! If you have 3 cotton pads you will have half a pad left over to use for touching up. 

Now soak your cotton pad quarter in nail polish remover, place it on your nail and wrap it in the foil. The whole point of the foil is to secure the soaked cotton over the nail without any evaporation.

Once you have done one hand (or both if you have good hand eye coordination), listen to your favorite song, or do lunges or anything to occupy yourself for 5 minutes. Let those sparkles soak!

Ok, now that you've waited enough, you can remove the foil finger tips. You'll probably need a spare cotton pad to remove the residue of loose sparkles on the sides of your nail...that left over half cotton pad has come in handy! Is it just me, or is anyone else super stingy when it comes to cotton pads? I really hate wasting. 

Your nails should look like this. I massage the aluminum tips as I'm removing it off my nail so that the cotton pad picks up as much sparkles as possible.

All in all, this method really works! Pretty neat stuff :D 

Essie New Years/Holiday collection

I was just doing my daily browse through when I came across the up and coming fall and winter collections by Essie.

I am very excited for sparkles! I don't think I've ever seen Essie do any polishes like this...

 Luxeffects Collection essie nail polish

What collections are you lookin forward to for fall?