Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

nars sheer glow foundation review stromboliFor about a year I was debating whether I should purchase NARS Sheer Glow. It is definitely a cult favourite, however some say it's not very long lasting, it's too dull, too shiny, it breaks them out, its overrated...etc etc, so I always remained on the fence. Long story short, I eventually caved to my indulgences and bought the damn thing. I'm sure everyone has either tried this for themselves, or read the many reviews already posted, but I decided to give my two cents on it anyway.

The packaging looks beautiful. What I mean is that while it looks quite elegant in glass and Nars signature packaging, it is definitely NOT functional. Glass is heavier to carry around, and we all know how easily that matte black velvety material gets prints all over it! Not to mention there isn't a pump, which makes this foundation extra fussy. 

nars sheer glow foundation review face stromboli

 The finish of Sheer Glow is honestly more matte than 'glowy', especially after you powder. The coverage claims to be sheer (hence the name) but I'd say it's more of a medium coverage that is buildable. So right off the bat this foundation is misleading, it should be called 'Medium Matte'... but um that's not exactly a marketable name.
As for it's functionality, Sheer Glow isn't the best foundation I've used that accomodates dry patches, as it kind of makes dry skin look more dull. Also, maybe I matched my shade wrong (I'm in the shade Stromboli), but it applies slightly orange on my skin. Even though orange looks disturbing on your face at first, it blends very well, and almost makes my skin look more healthy and tan. I'm sure this will match better in the summer too. 

Even though this foundation isn't great for tired, dry skin, it looks amazing on good skin days. No other foundation I've tried has given me more compliments, just because it gives a perfected finish to your skin. I look polished, and fresh faced, not oily or cake faced. It's not an awful foundation on bad skin days. I just find I have to sheer it out with a tinted moisturizer/lotion to add some hydration. 
nars sheer glow foundation review face of the day

- Great at evening skin tone and even minor blemishes
- Light weight and build able
- Blends into the skin quite easily
- Great colour range available
- Don't need a brush to apply with. Actually, Nars recommends you use your fingers
- Scent is mild - non existant 
- Doesn't cause break outs

- No pump! Packaging is actually so dysfunctional.
- Not great over dry patches
- If you like natural looking makeup I wouldn't say this is ideal 
- On me the foundation is a tad bit orange 
- Longevity isn't amazing, especially in the summer

All in all I am quite happy with this foundation. I place a high priority on quality products that don't react with my skin. Sheer Glow definitely meets that standard as I've never had a breakout problem with it. Despite the fact that it's a bit orange I'm still satisfied with the colour match. It looks amazing on good skin days, and alright on bad skin days. My biggest complaints are the lack of pump, and for me it could be a little more hydrating for every day use.
I'm also wearing Laura Mercier loose setting powder, MAC Msfn in medium deep as bronzer, and Gingerly blush.

nars sheer glow foundation review stromboli

This last picture you can see how I look a bit more orange. I don't hate it though. What do you think?



  1. I have this foundation as well and love it! Although I agree, a pump is really necessary because it gets so messy and is so challenging to travel with!

  2. looks amazing, but I really cannot use anything without a pump!

  3. i have been trying to deside over this foundation and the makeup forever foundation but i think im going to get this one as wenever i have seen it on skin it looks so amazing and the cverage looks grate. thanks for the review it realy was helpfull and helped me make up my mind.


  4. Umm....I don't see where it looks Orange!? To me it looks like your EXACT match lady. # justsaying. :)

  5. This review was fabulous and i agree with every point you made xxx

  6. http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=122301/Sheer-Glow-Foundation-/NARS/Liquid

    ^^^ There's a girl who copied and pasted your review on this and used it as her own. She's done it to me, so I figured I'd share this with you to let you know.

  7. Hey Hun, do you still use this and what shade comparison in mac are you? Xx