Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer

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This may be a bit of an over share, but in the last several months I've been having issues with hair loss. You'd think that I'm a little premature to be dealing with balding right?!!?!

My doctor told me that hair balding (aka alopecia) can happen to anyone at sporadic times, and researchers have no idea what it causes it. She also said that it can be quite difficult to regenerate growth so she recommended me to a dermotologist for steroid injections. Ummmm yeah. Not really up my alley....

I decided I wanted to stick to more natural methods of improving hair growth so I purchased the Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer. I justified the very pricey cost of this product since coping with alopecia has been quite distressing, and spending money appeased my emotions. lol. But also it eased my mind knowing that I have a topical treatment that is easy to use and supposedly produces great results.

Anyway, on to the review:

- Firstly, let me say that I have noticed a substantial amount of regrowth on my bald spots, which is amazing! I'm not sure if it is due to this product alone as I have been doing other things to help with regrowth (like taking supplements and changing my birth control). But who cares, at least I'm doing something right and I'm sure this product has something to do with my success!
- Contains many great natural ingredients, like vitamin e, ginseng, turmeric, and ayurvedic herbs (herbs used in traditional medicine)
- I love the nozzle because it is sanitary, doesn't leak and it allows you to spray the product to specific areas which minimizes on waste. The rest of the packaging is nice and sturdy as well
- Smells very nice :)

- Very Expensive, I think my bottle was around 70$
- I'm sure you can go to the health food store and find cheaper, effective alternatives if you are willing to research it.

All in all, I really would recommend this product if you are in the market for hair growth products, and are willing to dish out the dough for it. It actually works, I am very impressed!

But if anyone has any other products they have been using for hair growth, or scalp care be sure to leave a comment and let me know!




  1. shen min DHT blocker.... i see growth but I heard it takes time. I am using DHT blocker ,biotin and going to start with invati today. I also heard of the 7 star needle

  2. Hi!
    My name is Johanna and I recently started noticing that my hair is thinning out. I have done some research online but I would love to talk to someone who has tested these products. I'm getting married in 6 months so I would love to keep my hair until then :). My email is. If you have the time I would love to ask some more in depth questions?
    All the best Johanna

  3. Hi Honeylushy,
    I was wondering what shampoo and conditioner you are using now. At the Aveda store, they tried selling me the entire line but that would be like $150+ in hair products lol. Please email me if you have time! Thank you!

    1. I am using Aveda Dry Remedy Moisture shampoo with Alaffia shea conditioner (from Whole Foods, but Im sure you can order it online). I am very happy with my current hair care routine, sorry for the late response!

  4. I had an in-depth conversation with with Aveda Manager in my city.
    Avati works on scalp by cleaning out the follicles of each hair.
    This is dead skin, oil, and hair products.
    Supposedly other shampoos don't do this unless its clarifying and even then does it work on scalp opposed to hair .
    So how I understand it , when the follicle is removed of all debris the hair follicle will enlarge where hair grows out.
    This is what gives you thicker healthier hair.
    I'm thinking that it needs to sit on the scalp for a period of time, ( 5 minutes) so that it can disolve/strip follicle.
    As the follicle is where the hair is produced.
    This makes sense to me, but what do I know, I'm not a scientist.
    If anyone has directions on a botttle, I would be interested in seeing that and would be good to post for others.
    I don't mind the smell especially if I believe something is working.
    Also a cuticle that is healthy and undamaged would be healthier and shinier.

    Just my 2 cents.


    1. That is very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Im also looking to try it out but wanted to read reviews before spending that much money. The girl told me at the store the one really good thing about it is you wont lose any of your hair you have now, whereas other products cause you to lose a lot before growing in more. something to think about:)

  6. I'm already in my third bottle of the invati range now, and recently just got the big bottle shampoo for longer use. The range really helps in reducing my hair loss but you have to use it regularly, else the hair loss will return. Before I went to replenish my stock, my hair falls a lot under the shower when I finger in and out, and my fingers are all covered with the hair strands. Now I also try massaging my skull as and when to let the blood flow between the skull and scalp. It's a good product, only con is the smell. I'm used to the turmeric smell now. Oh yes, I alternate the invati with another aveda exfoliating shampoo once weekly.

  7. Just to help with instructions...I go to a Aveda salon and got great instructions from my hair dresser. I have short hair so I use a nickel-size amount of shampoo and it is plenty. I massage into my hair and then leave it in for about a minute. While the shampoo is in my hair, I wash my face and remove my eye makeup. I rinse out the shampoo and then use a nickel-size amount of conditioner and massage into my hair. I leave it in for about 2-3 minutes. While the conditioner is in my hair, I bathe, shave, etc., then rinse. I let my hair air-dry for a bit until it is damp. I then apply the scalp revitalizer serum in a "cross design" three down the middle of my scalp (front, crown, below crown) and then two pumps on each side of my part. I massage in and then apply a heat protection spray before I blowdry. This is a system and you must use the shampoo, conditioner, and serum together. I have only been using it for a week, but I have already been told by coworkers that my hair seems fuller. It does take about 60 days to start seeing full results. If using this system, buy from an Aveda rep and get instructions!

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  9. My hair was looking pretty dried out due to highlighting. I have used Aveda products for years. I need something different!! I'm glad I took the chance on Shielo products after reading the reviews! I also purchased the Shielo Restoration Oil, and it too, is fantastic. And, the big bonus... it costs less than Aveda & they have certified organic ingredients.

  10. I didn't want to spend on the entire system as I'd already bought a lot of hair care products to help my thinning hair, and seen a very expensive dermatologist for 8 weeks of heated emulsification treatments. My dermatologist had said it was a sebum build-up, so I was using Neutrogena's T-Sal tar shampoo to clear the buildup since finishing seeing him in December. Sometimes I would alternate using a Lush shampoo bar (the cinnamon one). I was using a hair trap in the drain to track progress (which is how I knew that the expensive clinical treatments weren't worth their cost, lol). I leave the T-Sal in my hair while I shave, wash, etc. Keep a mason jar in the shower and an old lotion bottle filled with apple cider vinegar. Four pumps of vinegar and a pump of jojoba oil into the jar, then fill the rest with warm water. Rinse out the T-Sal, pour over the vinegar rinse. Massage a little bit then rinse out. Vinegar is an antiseptic and the jojoba helps regrowth and cuts the vinegar scent. No need for expensive conditioners (and I CANNOT go without conditioner, lol).

    After towel-drying, I apply 12 pumps of Aveda revitalizer in the problem areas.

    I have seen a drastic decrease in lost hair that started just days after I began the revitalizer. I've been doing the T-Sal and vinegar treatments since December and I significantly increased my protein consumption around the same time that I bought the Aveda. It's probably a combination of the factors...but if it is primarily because of the Aveda, just know that you can get away with only buying the scalp treatment!

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