Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One Last Little Hurrah

I bought these items last week as a little treat before I tuck away my credit card for a month. 

First up, Caudalie Beauty Elixer. Refreshing facial mists are one of my favourite luxury beauty items during the Summer. I use them to refresh my face if I've been working all day, or even if I'm just out and about and feel icky and sweaty. There's a misconception that these toners will set your makeup and they definitely do NOT. They just feel great on your skin, and add some nutrients when you feel like you might start to break out half way through the day from the sun melting your makeup.  

 caudalie beauty elixer facial mist

I heard some mixed reviews about this particular toner, especially regarding its smell. As I perused Sephora for one last time I came across the elixir and quite enjoyed the scent. Of course I went ahead and purchased the 100 mL bottle at 18$. A bit pricey but I've been using this all week and I'm so happy with it! Dare I say it rivals my beloved Lush's Tea Tree Water. I love everything from it's luxurious frosted glass packaging to the way the nozzle finely mists your face (I hate when nozzles quirt rain drop sizes). It contains grape seed extract, rose, organic balm mint, and rosemary, and smells like tea tree oil and sweet mint. It's the perfect size to tote around in your purse. If you love Lush's Tea Tree Water, give this a try. I'm sure you'll love it.

Next up is American Apparel Nail Color in Neon Orange. I got suckered in by the 50% off discount so the bottle ended up being 4$. It is being discontinued so if you like the colour hustle on down to American Apparel before they're sold out! It's a neon orange colour, looks great on tan skin in the summer. What more can I say?

 american apparel neon orange nail polish bright

Anyways, that's it for purchases for the month. Wish me luck on my beauty ban! Oh why, do I subject myself to such torture?



  1. I'm lusting over the Caudalie beauty elixer eversince it being hyped up everywhere on blogs and magasines. I have tried it in store and it felt so refreshing after a long hot shopping day out so maybe in the future i may have to treat myself to it, but right now i want to save some money! :) I need to hide my credit card too for now hehe.


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  3. this nail polish is awesome ♥

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