Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Products All Used Up ... Part II

Ah, yet another triumphant post of products that I have polished off. Not all of these are necessarily holy grail items that I loved to every last little scrap, but I'm never one to waste even a mediocre product. Anyway, if anyone is interested in my mini reviews then read on...

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter : A gorgeous product that is super moisturizing and adds a soft pink shimmer to your lips. I love Korres lip butters, Jasmine is my favourite of all the shades. I will definitely be picking up another one soon but I'm waiting for a value pack or sale at Sephora.
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara: I am very happy to have used this mascara up to move on to the next. The wand was alright, it has a nice slender shape but the bristles are sparse and coarse feeling. It made my lashes look a tad spidery and stiff and dried out after a month.  Overall I wouldn't repurchase since it doesn't really compare to my favourite L'oreal Voluminous. 

MAC Fix + Spray: Everyone seems to love this cult spray but honestly I am not sold on it. The nozzle sucks because it squirts way too densely and the ingredients contain many preservatives and artificial ingredients. On the plus side (no pun intended) it smells nice and it's pretty good value for the dollar. All in all I prefer my Lush Tea Tree Water and even the Body Shop facial sprays to Fix +, but who knows, maybe I will give it another chance. 

Lush Cosmetic Warrior / Sukin Purifying Facial Mask: First off, if you follow my blog you know I love love my masks, especially clay masks. Cosmetic Warrior contains garlic and tea tree oil to fight active breakouts. However I did find the scent to be quite strong. It also left my skin a bit dry rather than it feeling refreshed. It isn't my favourite Lush mask, but I might repurchase if my skin was super oily. On the other hand the Sukin Purifying Facial Mask is definitely more suited to my skin type which is dry/combination and sensitive. I picked it up at whole foods and I'm definitely going to get another. It might be the best mask I have ever tried in terms of clarifying and refreshing. 

So I hope that was helpful to someone. Tomorrow I am going to be a model for body painting. Not sure why I signed up for it, but I guess I'm helping my girlfriend out. Oy. wish me luck and I'll be sure to post some pictures if it turns out! 

xoxo- Alma


  1. Hello! I have just discovered your blog and it's been a great read!

    I have used Lush Cosmetic Warrior and I was very pleased with it, except the smell of course :), I have relatively dry skin and it made my skin less dry and very smooth.

    It's interesting how differently people's skin type react to same products.

  2. Yeah, everyone reacts to products differently, one person's holy grail is sub par for some one else.

    And I'm glad you enjoy my blog :)