Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Laura Mercier Under Eye Concealing

laura mercier undercover concealer pot

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share how I conceal my eye area using Laura Mercier Undercover Pot. This little compact comes with 3 trial sized face products: Secret Camouflage (left side) , Secret Concealer (right side) and Loose Setting Powder (bottom). 

laura mercier undercover concealer pot swatches

At first I had trouble with the concealers as the Secret Camouflage is very dry! It also is quite light and makes my skin look chalky. I only really use it as an eyelid concealer. I use my fingers to really warm up the product and pat it on my eye lid and inner corner. It doesn't make my shadows last as long as a primer, but it is quite brightening. The Secret Concealer is basically a salmon coloured under eye corrector/concealer . It is more sticky and emollient than other concealers that you would use for pimples, or covering redness. I really love this for my under eye, and I apply it with a Sephora Eye Blending brush. Lastly, to set my concealer I use the Loose Setting powder, which is a beautiful, finely milled translucent powder. It is overpriced for what it's worth, but still a nice treat! 

Left: Secret Camouflage   Right: Secret Concealer

laura mercier translucent loose powder application
 Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder + Sonia Kashuk blender brush

The overall result is a brighter, cleaned up eye area. I'm sorry for the spotty after picture. It doesn't really do much justice for the Laura Mercier concealers.  But you can kind of see how the darkness under my eye is all corrected. And my eye lid is lighter and has no veins poking through. 

What Laura Mercier products have you tried? I'm really loving the Undercover Pot, plus my Tinted Moisturizer, and I'm curious to try more.

~ Alma


  1. I adore Laura Mercier products because they are always so luxurious and great quality. I am a big fan of their tinted moisturiser in the oil-free version because i feel that it works very well with my oily complexion. I do really like this handy undercover pot :) Its very travel friendly and contains everything you need for concealing really. I will check this product out next time im at LM counter :D thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. I have tried these, but unluckily my colour was running out so I didnt get to buy one.
    i love how they got 2 textures for eyes and blemishes on face.
    It's so handy and the mirror just adds convenience!

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  3. Beautiful posts, excellent format! This is especially helpful since I have troubles with under eye circles :)

    Please check out my blog, The Grandeur Entrepreneur!

    XOXO, Emily

  4. I really like Laura Mercier items because they are always so magnificent and high excellent. I am a big fan of their colored moisturizer in the oil-free edition because i think it performs very well with my greasy skin tone. I do really like this useful undercover pot

    Loose Setting Powder

  5. What color are you using? I think we are the same skintone. I can't decide between UC 3 or UC 4.

  6. I had a bad and dry experience using concealors. Moreover, it gave a patchy look. Probably need to correct the way I use it.